What is something you think all University of Scranton students should do before they graduate?


Bri Baran, 19, Sophomore, Horsham, Pennsylvania.

“They should find a professor who they feel like they can talk to about everything.  Create a relationship with them.”


Victoria Pennington, 19, Sophomore, West Wyoming, Pennsylvania.

“Take a class with Professor Mohammed in the Communication department.”


Kelly Dillon, 23, First year Grad student, Somerset, New Jersey.

“If you aren’t happy in your major, change it before your Sophomore year.  Study what makes you happy.”


Sarah Mithani, 19, Sophomore, Crestco, Pennsylvania.

“Go to the fifth floor of the library, not necessarily to study.  It’s just so beautiful up there.”


Mary Katherine Rohrbaugh, 21, Senior, Newtown, Pennsylvania.

“Become close enough with at least a few professors that you would want to talk to them after you graduate.”