A strategic flair for writing


By Teresa Whitehouse

SCRANTON – Connor Beauregard writes of crime, family and life while attending the University of Scranton.

Beauregard likes to write and has been working on a personal project with one of his housemates since his first year at the University of Scranton.  

His baseball cap was black with a small logo on the front, picturing mountains and the word “coal.”  He bought the cap from East Mountain Sports and mentioned that he likes to hike.  He looked up as he recounted the places that he had traveled.  

From New Mexico to Vermont, he’s hit the peak of a mountain more than once.  One of his proudest moments was reaching the summit of Mount Washington in New Hampshire.  

“It was cool, we were the only ones up there because it was winter, but there’s snow up to your knees at some parts,” Beauregard said. “It took like five hours to get up and another three hours to get back down so it was a long day for sure.”

He was only at the Summit for about 20 minutes because of the temperatures, but he enjoyed every second of the view.  

Beauregard is in his junior year at the University of Scranton and is from Ridgefield, Connecticut.  Some of his favorite memories from his childhood were going to Tyler Lake with his family every summer.  He ran track and played baseball while in high school, and still participates in some sports recreationally today.  

“I don’t play any sports here, but I’m an avid hiker and I hike a lot when I’m home,” he said.

Beauregard’s major is strategic communication with a focus on public relations, and chose this path with job security in mind.  

“Yeah, I mean my focus is on PR but I don’t necessarily want to work in a PR agency, I’m interested more in… I would like to work for a production company, maybe on the business side of that kind of thing . . . just looking for some job security, that’s why I’m doing the PR thing,” Beauregard said.

During the winter break of his sophomore year, he had an internship with Finsbury Public Relations Firm in New York, and has one lined up with Optum Technology in Boston for the summer of 2017.

When he’s not doing school work, Beauregard likes to hang out with his friends on campus and write.  The special project he’s been working on is a television show called “Dodge.”  

“We’ve been writing a script for a tv show for the past year and a half just as a hobby . . .  but yeah that’s something that’s definitely a lot of fun,” Beauregard said.

Working with his friend and housemate P.J. Ganely, they have almost completed writing the first season of their show.  They aim for the first season to have six episodes and have written four so far.  He has most of his story already planned, and knows where the story is headed.   

The story is set in the socio-economically divided town of Montauk, Long Island in New York.  It follows high school senior James Mason as he commits petty crimes with his crew and fights against the former leader’s best friend for control.  

Beauregard fiddled with the pen in his hand, passing it between his fingers as he pondered his responses.  

“The whole plot is James’ brother Christian.  He used to be the head of the group doing the crimes and stuff, he’s in prison for robbery and he’s been in there for the past four years,” he said.

James father told him stories about the treasure a man called Captain Kidd hid on Garner’s Island, and one of his friends thinks that it’s the real deal.  James wants to do a heist that involves breaking into this place and finding the treasure, so a majority of the first season is the group planning this mission.

One of his Beauregard’s biggest goals is to get “Dodge” broadcasting on a television network, either FX or HBO because the show has some more adult themes.  

Beauregard would like to work at a production company and help that company with their business.  His dream, however, isn’t to work in public relations at all, but to be a writer.  Because he has been working on “Dodge” since his freshman year, getting that up on the air is part of his long term goals as well.  

“If I could be a writer, that would definitely be my dream,” Beauregard said.